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"My greatest joy in life is to be creative in everything I do"




I offer private lessons for people who would like to learn drawing and painting.
If you’re interested in giving drawing and painting a try or, additionally, want to start making graphic illustrations, contact me for a (free) trial lesson via the link below.


A creative approach is my primary focus in life. In addition, I seek out beauty in all I see. I use drawing and painting as a starting point, and enjoy mixing in colours which harmonise together. In my portraits, I like to explore more of people and their personalities using unseen tones. Painting scenes from nature is also a great pleasure, as I believe nature is the best teacher, which never ceases to amaze. I have been fortunate to have inspirational women such as my mother and grandmother in my life, whose artistry and creativity have always been present.

I also enjoy making music, dancing and sewing and continuously look for opportunities to bring more creativity into my work life as well. I have offered graphic design services since 2016 and strive to offer both simplicity and clarity in my designs.
Among other things, my services include the following: book covers, brochures, business cards, cards for occassions (such as birth, marriage, etc), catalogues, illustrations, logos and posters.

If you are looking for a painting or a graphic design service, please contact me via the details below for more information and pricing.

picture Swana


Swana van Schaardenburg
The Hague, The Netherlands
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